(pronounced as TOW.BOW – tow has similar sound from the word town)  is China’s leading B2C platform, founded by China’s JACK MA, after he founded It’s the most popular website for online shopping, featuring hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers from all locations in and around Mainland China, including Japan, Hong Kong and other neighboring countries.

Being the top and most popular shopping website owns it to the availability and variety of goods and services which buyers can easily find.

On a click of the search button, buyers are presented with hundreds of thousands of sellers offering same and similar products all at very competitive prices!

There’s a high possibility of finding VIRTUALLY ANYTHING you want on taobao, hence the reason the locals nicknamed it “Omnipotent Taobao”.

Taobao is super safe and secure to shop from, as you can read through seller and product rating before shoving out your cash for purchase!

More so, every purchase is backed by Jack Ma’s own Escrow safe where your money stays until you have received and is happy with the quality of what you have received.