What is 1688.com

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If you’re asking this question, chances are you’re are new to the world of shopping internationally from local Chinese shopping and wholesale websites!

1688.com is China’s largest wholesale B2B and dropshipping website! It’s very identical to the more popularly know www.alibaba.com, for sourcing products from manufacturers. Although quite similar to the more western and popular Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com.

1688.com offers a lot more manufacturers, factories, products, and services as Alibaba.com, and at an amazingly cheaper price, and even better quality! The turn-off?

It’s 100% in Chinese language, and it’s made for the Chinese folks and Chinese-literate; additionally, it’s mostly made for bulk/wholesale purchases.

Since the website is made for Chinese buyers, the quality is usually guaranteed, much better than the ones most “Nigerian importers” bring into Nigeria, since the importers as we all know are alway trying to maximize their profit by cutting down the products overall quality!

If you reside in China, speak, read, and write the Chinese language, then you’ll be able to freely signup, search and browse for wholesale prices and make bulk purchases on the goods you want and have them delivered to your doorstep in about 2 to 5days here in China!

But since you neither reside in China nor know the language, you’ll have to forget about dreaming of shopping for cheap wholesale prices!

But wait, there’s another way for you to shop and enjoy at these low prices the website offers!

We, the staff at 1688direct.com, are here to help you navigate through the china’s largest manufacturer’s online shop/storefront, as effortlessly and frustration-free as possible! Our services range from offering you guides and tips on how to shop on the website to helping you to pay, receive and cargo your goods to your country (whether it’s in Nigeria, USA or Latvia!) via one of our numerous cargo shipping company partners.

It’s easy, all you have to do is find the products on www.1688.com following our steps here on how to find products on 1688 and taobao

If you’re ready to start purchasing from 1688.com, the head on and create an account and start sending us the links!

Find out how to use 1688.com and taobao.com to find products