Who we are? 1688Direct.com is an online procurement, dropshipping and order fulfiller for all your Chinese wholesale and single item purchases! in other words, we’re a Chinese agent company! We act as 1688 agents, taobao agents and other Chinese Ecommerce website agents, too. We help you to purchase your goods here in China at cheap wholesale prices, then ship them to your Nigerian address! We also ship goods to other countries, such as the USA, and other European countries. We make shopping in China from Nigeria, hassle-less and insanely easy. All you have to do is browse for your goods either on Taobao.com or 1688.com, send us the product link and some details about the goods which you would like to purchase, such as pictures, colors, sizes, quantities, then our experienced staffs will act as the middle-man ensuring that your goods are paid for, purchased and shipped to you in Nigeria.